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Counseling Center of the North Shore offers community programs that promote awareness, collaboration and health. We offer a wide variety of workshops, parent consultation, staff development training and consultation to schools, organizations and groups. Topics can be tailored to specific needs.


Upcoming Presentations and New Services


New Continuing Education Opportunity for Professionals Will Be Forthcoming.


Community Presentations – Available Topics

Adolescent Communication – Girls and Boys
Adopted Children – Understanding Their Needs and Parental Responses
Anxiety and Adaptation in Children and Adolescents
Attachment in Children – Understanding the Impact on Development and Parenting
Blended Families
Bringing Relief – Helping Children with Transitional Anxiety
Childhood and Adolescent Transitions – Readiness or Regressions
Children Experiencing Divorce
Depression in the Closet
Depression in Men and Women
Divorce and the Economy
Enriching Relationship through Intimacy
Finding Direction in the Unemployment Maze
Effective Communication with Pre and Early Teens
Effective Co- Parenting Strategies and Techniques
Emerging Adulthood – Understanding This New Phase of Life
Enabling Families – Understanding and Dealing with Dilemmas
Establishing an Effective Parental Partnership – Raising Confident and Secure Children
Healthy Mind and Body – Knowing Their Inter-relationship
Internet: Friend or Foe for Positive Change and Growth
Internet Usage – Parents and Kids Understanding Safe and Healthy Usage.
Grandparenting – Roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards.
Making of a Marriage – A Process
Moral Intelligence: Promoting Values and Character in One’s Children
Mothers and Fathers Parenting Children Through the Toddler and Kindergarten Years
New Parenthood – Coping with Stressors
Parenting Relationships with Adult Children
Parenting Boys / Parenting Girls – Understanding the Crucial Differences
Parenting Learning Disabled Kids
Parenting Through Divorce – Three Models for Co- Parenting
Parents and Play – Understanding its Importance and Your Role in It
Preschool Problems – Do’s and Don’ts
Tapping into Resiliency and Resourcefulness in Times of Economic Uncertainty
Transition to the College Years – Changes and Challenges for Parents and Kids
Understanding and Dealing with Stress – At Home and in the Workplace.
When to Get Help – Knowing the Barriers and Overcoming Them.
Where Are You At in Your Relationship – The Need for Marital Checkups.



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