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Welcome to Family Service of Winnetka-Northfield.


We understand that in today’s complex world, individuals and families often struggle with feelings of isolation, confusion, stress, depression, anxiety and conflict.


We provide relief through offering a safe and nurturing environment for individuals and families to address life’s challenges and resolve painful issues.


We encourage individuals and families to find their potential through helping them discern and reach their goals and aspirations.


We change lives through helping our clients heal, grow and prosper.


We serve individuals and families who live, work, study or worship in Winnetka or Northfield. Our staff is trained to respond to a range of life challenges and difficulties.

  • Family Service of Winnetka-Northfield is a private, not-for-profit community service organization.
  • We promote the emotional well-being of individuals and families through quality, affordable counseling and psychotherapy.
  • We provide educational programs that enrich community life, serve as a resource for local organizations and respond to societal changes as they affect the lives of those we serve.

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Current Newsletter

Family Footnotes - Winter 2015 Volume 33 No. 2 


In this newsletter:

  • "Chat" Sessions Offer Opportunity for Understanding and Growth
  • Thrift Shop Closet
  • Duct Tape Crafting
  • Where Am I Headed?
  • Thrift Shop Spring Opening
  • Free Training Opportunity with *CEUS


Parental Chat - A new program for parents!

A Parental Chat can enable and empower parents to create a solid perspective and an understanding of what is going on with their child. It can lead to more confident and effective parenting.

Call (847) 446-8060 to arrange a free "Parental Chat" 








Winnetka Thrift Shop's Fall Open Weekend

 Thursday August 13th-Saturday August 15th

 An event not to be missed...the best of the best will be on our sales floor: fall decor, designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and footwear.

To Hear About Our Latest Sales and Special Offers Find Us on Facebook!

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